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Principal Investigator

Photo: Dr. Sue Rosser

Dr. Sue Rosser

Since Sept. 2016, Sue Rosser serves as special advisor for research development and external partnerships for the California State University System Office of the Chancellor.  From 2009-2016, she served as provost and vice president for Academic Affairs at San Francisco State University and from 1999-2009, she was the dean of Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts and endowed chair of public policy and history, technology and society at Georgia Tech.  She received her Ph.D. in Zoology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has published 14 books and over 130 journal articles on theoretical and applied issues of women and gender in science, technology and health.Since Sept. 2016, Sue Rosser serves as special advisor for research development and external partnerships for the California State University System Office of the Chancellor.  


Photo: Dr. Carmen Domingo

Dr. Carmen Domingo

Dr. Carmen Domingo is a professor of biology. She joined SF State in 1997 after completing her doctoral and post-doctoral training at UC Berkeley. She was associate cair for the biology department from 2009-2016 where she oversaw all aspects of the undergraduate and graduate curriculum from staffing to classroom innovations.  Her area of expertise is in the field of developmental and stem cell biology. She oversees an active research group composed of both undergraduate and graduate students. She has extensive experience managing various student training programs funded by federal and state agencies that are focused on increasing the diversity of the STEM workforce. As a senior member of her department she has mentored many faculty as well as developed many professional faculty workshops. Dr. Carmen Domingo manages the overall project.

Dr. Sally PasionPhoto: Dr. Sally Pasion

Dr. Sally Pasion is an associate professor of biology. She has been at SF State since 2001. She has trained undergraduate and graduate students using fission yeast to study the process of DNA replication.  She has participated in activities that  engage young girls in STEM such as Expanding Your Horizons and the NIH-funded Spectrum grant (Building Pathways to Biomedical Research Careers for Girls and Women of Color).  Since 2007, she has participated as a summer instructor for the NIH-funded Bridges to the Baccalaureate Directed Research Program to engage community college students with biomedical research experiences. Her academic service has included participation in the Academic Senate, and University, College, & Department committees. Dr. Pasion was the prior lead of the WISE organization and has experience in organizing faculty gatherings and hosting prominent speakers. She will be responsible for organizing and implementing the faculty forums associated with Objective 2.

Dr. Nancy Gerber

Photo: Dr. Nancy Gerber

Dr. Nancy Gerber has been a faculty member in the department of chemistry and biochemistry at SF State University for 20 years. She is currently chair of the Academic Policies Committee and a member of the Executive Committee of the San Francisco State Academic Senate, which she hopes to use to advance policies that result from the data collected by the IT-Catalyst program at SF State. Gerber is responsible for developing, gathering and analyzing data from STEM-SBS faculty and institutional resources. As a prior Interim Associate Dean of undergraduate studies, Dr. Gerber has worked closely with Institutional Research to analyze campus wide student, faculty and staff trends.

Dr. Diane HarrisPhoto: Dr. Diane Harris

Dr. Diane Harris is a professor of psychology and a licensed psychologist in the states of California and Massachusetts. Her area of research and teaching explores culture and diversity. She has extensive service experience within various communities and on campus. Related to this grant, she was a member of the University, Tenure and Promotion committee for four years, two of which she served as Chair. She brings extensive experience and knowledge regarding the tenure and promotion policies and procedures on our campus. She will lead the effort in gathering and analyzing data (including RTP criteria) from various administrative structures for developing clearer expectations and recognition for the value of service in the RTP process. 

Dr. Laura MamoPhoto: Dr. Laura Mamo

Dr. Laura Mamo is associate director of the Health Equity Institute and Health Equity Institute professor of health education. She is a medical sociologist, scholar of science, technology and medicine and a qualitative researcher. Her research and teaching explores women’s health, LGBT health and sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice with an emphasis on examining social and cultural dimensions of gender, sexuality and health inequalities. Mamo provides consultation to the investigative team from the field of feminist science studies, assists with conceptualizing the epistemological value of service, and provides oversight on the design and evaluation of the service surveys.

Dr. David RebanalPhoto: Dr. David Rebanal

Dr. David Rebanal is assistant professor in the Department of Health Education, and conducts mixed-method evaluation research, with a focus on policy, structural and social determinants of equity. He has over fifteen years of experience in public service, program evaluation and policy analysis with governmental and non-profit agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Atlanta) and the Northwest Health Foundation (Portland). David received his Doctor of Public Health from UC Berkeley School of Public Health with a focus on social epidemiology of racial health disparities. Rebanal brings a strong background in mixed-method evaluations of institutional and policy interventions. He will design and conduct the internal evaluation of the overall project. He will provide feedback on the effectiveness of the overall project as it reaches its midpoint and final goals.