About the Research

Photo: Meeting around a table

SF State IT Catalyst, working within Academic Affairs, seeks to transform the University by understanding the advancement of women and women of color faculty at SF State and, with that knowledge, make policy changes that will lead to more equitable processes toward career advancement for all faculty. While driven by the need to increase participation and advancement of women faculty, the SF State IT CATALYST efforts aim to benefit all faculty members.

Goals and Objectives

The immediate goal of this proposal is to examine the meaning, contours and distribution of service at SF State among women and women of color faculty.  Two objectives will be implemented to meet this goal.

Objective 1:

To evaluate the role of women and women of color faculty in the sciences/social sciences with regard to service and its subsequent impact on career advancement.

Objective 2:

To build a community of women and women of color faculty in the sciences/social sciences that will help promote their career advancement at SF State.